Here at SSK Property Services, we are fully aware of the ongoing Covid 19 situation and the requirement to provide a secure and safe environment for all our staff and customers.

We strictly adhere to and are compliant with all government guidelines and regulations and have a series of measures to ensure there is a minimal risk to everyone.

The following guidelines have been developed by The Infection Control Expert Group and endorsed by the Australian Health Principal Committee. This is not an exhaustive list as each business is subjected to different requirements, but the protocol here is based on following Government advice.

  • Use a strong detergent/disinfectant to clean by hand frequently touched areas such as door handles/rails, light switches, computers and other shared equipment such as telephones etc.
  • Hand cleaning of communal areas on a frequent basis. Use a strong detergent solution for areas such as bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, sinks, and washbasins.
  • Areas not frequently touched, such as floors, ceilings, blinds etc., are damp mopped and immediately cleaned when visibly dusty.
  • We ensure there is a sufficient supply of hand sanitiser available at all times. All our staff are fully trained in the correct use of hand sanitisers.
  • All our staff wear masks and protective equipment when required to do so.
  • Physical distancing of 1.5m is in place.
  • Regular inspections take place by our staff to ensure all these guidelines are being met to the correct standard required.
  • Our staff undergo regular testing for Covid. Any member of staff testing positive for COVID 19 is required to follow the current protocol to minimise the risk to colleagues and customers.