Government Department Cleaning

We work in high security private and public buildings providing cleaning solutions that are reliable, secure and safe. Whether you’re a state or federal government department, be assured that work undertaken on-site is conducted in the most sensitive and protective manner possible by our staff.

All our cleaning operatives will wear a uniform and a security badge at all times whilst on site, to ensure they are easily identifiable as a member of the cleaning team. Our cleaners are professionally trained in government cleaning and supported in workplace health and safety practices.

Government Department Cleaning

By bringing the latest in cleaning technology and service we can help ensure that you have a clean, safe environment which is crucial to maintaining the productivity and wellbeing of your customers and employees.

We provide solutions that are tailored for Government departments, and we offer an unrivalled cleaning service to those requiring safety and security. We understand that local government bodies require value for money and that’s why we will work with you to drive efficiencies, reduce costs and make a substantial impact on your cleaning requirements.

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